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Great documentary on how society treats animal narrated by J.Phoenix.

Have a look. It’s free.

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Proud dad of a generation

Great interview of Loren Brichter by Ellis Hamburger on The Verge.

From the widely adopted pull-to-refresh to the Tweetie sidebar and stacked panels, Loren Brichter has indeed given birth to a new generation of applications.

Sparrow would not exist if it wasn’t for him.

We’re now lucky enough to have him as an advisor.

I can’t wait to see his secret projects.

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But does it float

My favorite place on the Internet.

Edited by @atleykins, @folkertgorter and @50wattsdotcom.

The blog runs on Cargo which goal is to dramatically increase the accessibility and exposure of creative individuals on the Internet.

A job perfectly done.

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Restroom state of mind

It’s difficult to evaluate the general mood in a company.

From the few experiences I had (6), the restroom rule proved to be right every time.

The rule is quite simple.

There is a direct relationship between the level of ‘happiness’ and the restroom cleanliness.

The happier, the cleaner.

I was once working in a merger & acquisition firm in London and the restroom were worst than in a nursery. People were obviously either fascinated by wall pee patterns or just deliberately urinating in a way that let them express their anger in the most stupid way.

If your office toilets are dirty, don’t blame the cleaning lady, you’re the one doing it wrong.

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Magic Ink

Bret Victor’s Magic Ink is without any doubt the best thing I have read on UI/UX design since I started designing applications.

Do yourself a favor and read it (twice).

I also strongly recommend Bret’s video presentation at CUSEC 2012: Inventing on Principle

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